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  • Enrique Moya says:

    Thanks to all for the excellent work done in the reports for racktables.

    Let me know if you plan any new report.

    I would also like to know if you can add more than four reports, as I have tried to do and does not work.

    Thanks again and I hope you can clarify the doubts.

  • Yasin Shaikh says:


    Any chance you can give me any ideas on how I can export/report all remote connection points on a switch, I have tried but cant find the excat id number I need o use.

    Much appreciated

  • Luis Aguero says:

    Hello I work for the goverment of Argentina and I am improving racktables for using as ours inventory. I liked very much your extension, is just what I was looking for. I want to run a custom report but I don’t know how can I run it, I would like to generate a csv file similar to vm report but in the other colums I would like to list “applications” running in each VM, ” Database” if the Vm has a database the name of it, “Criticity” low, medium or high of each VM. It is possible ? I add applications as a objeit with the vm’s as containers. Thank you

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