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Nagios Plugin for Racktables

My first “real” plugin for Racktables: Download & Howto here: Racktables Works with Racktables 0.19.xx and 0.20.0


Nagios 3 with Nginx on Ubuntu Server

1. Install Nagios 3 aptitude install nagios3 2. Test Nagios Installation Open “http://SERVER/nagios3/” in your browser. Login with user “nagiosadmin” and the passwort you have entered during the installation. 3. Switch from Apache to Nginx Nagios has dependencies to the Apache webserver. So Apache was installed with Nagios. Now we replace it with Nginx. 3.1 […]

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Monitoring the Nagios process with monit

Monitoring the Nagios process with monit Howto to install monit on Debian or Ubuntu to monitor the nagios process. Installation aptitude install monit Configuration Edit the monit configuration file /etc/monit/monitrc and make the following changes: Generall settings set daemon 120 set logfile syslog facility log_daemon set mailserver localhost set mail-format { from: } set […]

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