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  • Enrique Moya says:

    Thanks to all for the excellent work done in the reports for racktables.

    Let me know if you plan any new report.

    I would also like to know if you can add more than four reports, as I have tried to do and does not work.

    Thanks again and I hope you can clarify the doubts.

  • Yasin Shaikh says:


    Any chance you can give me any ideas on how I can export/report all remote connection points on a switch, I have tried but cant find the excat id number I need o use.

    Much appreciated

  • Luis Aguero says:

    Hello I work for the goverment of Argentina and I am improving racktables for using as ours inventory. I liked very much your extension, is just what I was looking for. I want to run a custom report but I don’t know how can I run it, I would like to generate a csv file similar to vm report but in the other colums I would like to list “applications” running in each VM, ” Database” if the Vm has a database the name of it, “Criticity” low, medium or high of each VM. It is possible ? I add applications as a objeit with the vm’s as containers. Thank you

  • Stephen Lewis says:

    First of all. Thank you VERY much for your racktables report plugins. I’ve found them to be extremely useful.

    I would like to suggest an addition to your installation instructions. I’ve installed racktables on a CentOS 6 system (very similar to RedHat Enterprise 6). The default location for html pages on this system is /var/www/html, so racktables is installed in /var/www/html/racktables, and I’ve copied your plugin files into /var/html/racktables/plugins, per your instructions. However, the reports failed to show up in the racktables installation.

    After researching this further, one additional step was required to this to work on my system, and it may very well help others. The fix was to add the following line to /var/www/html/racktables/inc/secret.php:
    $racktables_plugins_dir = ‘/var/www/html/racktables/plugins’;

    I know that there is code in racktables/inc/init.php that is supposed to set this up, but for some reason, it does not work for me. Adding the $racktables_plugins_dir = ‘/var/www/html/racktables/plugins’;
    line to secrets.php, made things so that they work for me.

    Thank you again for creating such a useful plugin for racktables.

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