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Firmware Update HP Procurve

1. Download firmware

Download the latest firmware from

2. TFTP Server

Extract the downloaded file and use a TFTP Server


mv 2800-Software-I1077/I_* /srv/tftp/

3. Install new firmware

Create a telnet connection to the switch:

telnet SWITCH_IP

and copy the firmware to the switch:

copy tftp flash TFTP_SERVER_IP I_10_77.swi

Restart the switch with the new firmware with:


Note: Replace “TFTP_SERVER_IP” with the IP of your TFTP server, “SWITCH_IP” with the IP of your switch and “I_10_77.swi” with your firmware version.

4. Test

Check if the new firmware is installed:

show version

5. Old versions

If your switch running a frimware lower than “I.07.68” you frist have to patch with “I_07_68.swi”. After this update you can install “I_10_77.swi”. Both files are in the downloaded archive.

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