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Greylisting with sqlgrey, postfix and mysql on Debian Lenny

This article describes howto setup sqlgrey with postfix and mysql on Debian Lenny. The normal graylisting with postgrey store the whitelist in a berkeley database which needs to be replicated on a mailserver cluster. With sqlgrey you can do that replication with a mysql database. First create a Database “sqlgrey” with an user “sqlgrey” on […]

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Postfix with Spamassassin filter your mails

This article describes how to filter spammails with spamassassin and deliver them into a own postbox. A script delete the mails in this box after 7 days. I’m using a Postfix Mailserver on Debian Etch with amavis and spamassasin. Fist we want to catch only realy hard spam. Normaly no real mail get an Spamscore […]

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