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How to Use VNC to access VMware Servers

Edit the “.vmx” file of your virtual machine and add this lines: RemoteDisplay.vnc.enabled = “TRUE” RemoteDisplay.vnc.port = “5900” RemoteDisplay.vnc.password = “YOUR_PASSWORD” Note: Use a different port for each virtual machine. Links: *

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VMWare Server 2 – Unable to build the vsock module

Just a quick Post, the solution for the “Unable to build the vsock module” error message if you install VMWare Server 2 on Debian or Ubuntu: tar xvf /usr/lib/vmware/modules/source/vsock.tar cd vsock-only sed -i ‘s/^\#include //’ autoconf/*.c make cp vsock.o /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/misc ln -s vsock.o /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/misc/vsock.ko depmod -a invoke-rc.d vmware restart

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VMWare Server 2 – RuntimeFault: Database temporarily unavailable or has network problems

If you add a new User (New Permission) to the VMWare Server 2 via the VMware Infrastructure Web Access you may get the message “The server response included one or more errors” with the details “RuntimeFault: Database temporarily unavailable or has network problems”. To fix this you first have to stop the VMWare management service: […]


VMWare Server 1.0.5 – Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04

The VMWare server is not available over the paketmanager in Ubuntu 8.04. You have to do a manual installation. First you have to download the server from the VMWare website and the [download#4#size#nohits] (version 1.1.6) which you have to extract into the vmware-server-distrib folder (extracted VMWare server). Befor you can start the VMWare installer, you […]

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