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Racktables Extension 0.3.1

Small update of my racktables extension:

Fixes and new features:
– Fix: Variable Bug with new PHP versions
– Fix: Custom Report now saved as UTF-8 char
– Fix: Blade locations now complete
– Feature: Custiom Report now with type column
– Feature: Custiom Report now with container column
– Feature: Custiom Report now with contains column

Tested with Racktables 0.20.5

Version 0.3.1: [download#20#size#nohits] Aktuelle Version

4 thoughts on “Racktables Extension 0.3.1

  • Mike says:

    Installed on 0.20.6

    I have added my path of created plugins dir

    $racktables_plugins_dir = ‘/var/www/html/racktables/plugins’;

    To secret.php, if not plugins not loaded

    Thanks for your work

  • joy_wu says:

    hi, we test your newest extension with racktables 0.20.5, it just works perfectly. We can easily export data which contain custom fileds. Thank U very much~~~~

  • Dewa says:


    It work with racktables 0.20.3. thank you very much

  • mini says:

    Good evening.
    Thank you for making a good plugin.

    Therefore, the installation instructions in the README document installed but not working properly.
    I accept the tar.gz were installed after decompression of the official website

    The accompanying README document has confirmed During normal operation the installation as the source file for the github.
    I hope the next version of the Installation Guide Installation Procedure named as the official website of the tar.gz file for instructions or installation method also works only at github.

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