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Install Foswiki on Ubuntu with Nginx

The server I start with a default installation of Ubuntu server (11.10 in this Howto). Install Nginx Install software to add PPA: aptitude install python-software-properties Add Nginx PPA: nginx=stable # use nginx=development for latest development version add-apt-repository ppa:nginx/$nginx Install Ngnix: aptitude update aptitude install nginx See Nginx install Ubuntu PPA for more details. FastCGI Now […]

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Nginx as reverse proxy cache for wordpress and apache

1. Install Nginx * Install from PPA * Install using self build packages 2. General Nginx Settings Edit “/etc/nginx/nginx.conf” and modify or insert the following settings: […] http { […] # Gzip Settings gzip on; gzip_disable “msie6”; gzip_buffers 32 8k; gzip_comp_level 6; gzip_http_version 1.0; gzip_min_length 0; gzip_types text/html text/css image/x-icon application/x-javascript application/javascript text/javascript application/atom+xml application/xml […]

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Install nginx on debian squeeze from PPA

You find currently nginx version 0.7.67-3 in Debian Squeeze. If you want the latest version you have to build your own paket or you can use one from the ubuntu ppa. This installs the latest stable relase of nginx webserver (current 1.0.1) on Debian Squeeze. echo “deb lucid main” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nginx-stable-lucid.list apt-key adv –keyserver […]

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Building a nginx debian package with third party modules

I created this manual on Debian Squeeze (amd64) with the latest version of nginx (stable) an one third party module as example. If you want to build your own package, check for the latest versions of the modules and nginx and modify the version numbers in this manual. 1. Install build debian tools and depending […]

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Nagios 3 with Nginx on Ubuntu Server

1. Install Nagios 3 aptitude install nagios3 2. Test Nagios Installation Open “http://SERVER/nagios3/” in your browser. Login with user “nagiosadmin” and the passwort you have entered during the installation. 3. Switch from Apache to Nginx Nagios has dependencies to the Apache webserver. So Apache was installed with Nagios. Now we replace it with Nginx. 3.1 […]

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