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July, 2011

System Administrator Appreciation Day – 2011

To all other system adminstrators “HAPPY SYSADMIN DAY !” and, of course Sources:

Install Sun Java with Puppet on Ubuntu

Sun wants you to agree to its license before installing the JRE/JDK. For an unattended install you need a preseed file. You get the content of this file with “debconf-get-selections | grep sun-“ on a system where you have already installed the required packages. Create a file “/etc/puppet/files/sun-java6.preseed” with the following example content: sun-java6-bin shared/accepted-sun-dlj-v1-1 […]

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Install latest Broadcom bnx2 linux driver

Install new broadcom driver on Ubuntu or Debian: 1. Download Linux driver 2. Unpack unzip cd Server/Linux/Driver tar vfx netxtreme2-6.2.23.tar.gz cd netxtreme2-6.2.23 3. Install build tools and install the driver sudo aptitude install build-essential linux-headers make sudo make install 4. Test before installation: $ ethtool -i eth0 driver: bnx2 version: 2.0.2 firmware-version: 4.6.1 […]

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