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System Administrator Appreciation Day – 2013

To all other system adminstrators “HAPPY SYSADMIN DAY !”

System Administrator Appreciation Day – 2011

To all other system adminstrators “HAPPY SYSADMIN DAY !” and, of course Sources:

System Administrator Appreciation Day !!!!!

Happy Sysadmin Day !!!


Happy Sysadmin Day !

It is the last Friday in July ! SYSADMIN DAY !!! Greez to all Sysadmins ! 🙂 If you are looking for a gift, take a look at ThinkGeek. More Informations on

There, I Fixed It

Hm i need more duct tape … More on PS: This is a special entry for my friend with the hot glue gun.


What do Programmers Feel About their Software?

A few month ago i blogged about visualizing of source code. Now you can see the visualisation of software comments on You see a graphical repesentation of comments used for private communication between team members. Tomcat for example: You will find ther software projects and images on the website. The software which was used […]


Gratis Domain-Weltkarte von united-domains – Teil 2

Letzte Woche Mittwoch den 18.03.2009 habe ich bereits über die Domain-Weltkarte von united-domains geschrieben. Am Samstag (21.03.2009) ist sie bei mit eingetroffen und habe das Teil gleich mal dazu genutzt die leere Wand über meinen Schreibtisch zu füllen.


This is the internet !

The create IT Crowd epsiode: Update: Video link fixed ! inspirated Flickr-User iamthechad to build his own internet. You can also buy the IT Crowd Season 1-3 in the internet Box: But protect it with your life and DON’T DROP IT !!!


Visualizing sourcecode

Ben Fry (Author of “Visualizing Data” published some images of programms which look very impressive. Pac-Man for example: On his website you find more pictures.

IT Crowd – 3. Staffel läuft

Seit gestern läuft die 3. Staffel von IT Crowd in England. Die erste Folge kann man sich via YouTube reinziehn. (Teil 1, Teil 2, Teil 3) [youtube my8UpCrxRkE]