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GPX on Ubuntu with Viking and additional maps

I have some recorded GPX Tracks from my Garmin Oregon GPS device. To display and modify this files on my Ubuntu Laptop i found Viking. Installation Very easy just type: sudo apt-get install viking With an OpenStreetMap Map Layer it looks like this: Additional Maps I had some GPX Tracks from my fishing trips in […]

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Convert PDF to Image

Using “convert” from “imagemagick” to convert a PDF to Image. Example: convert -geometry 1024×768 -density 200 -colorspace RGB input.pdf output.jpg Or use a other geometry, quality and no color: convert -geometry 2048×1536 -density 400 -colorspace gray input.pdf output.jpg Links: *

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Extract images from .vob (photo cd) with Ubuntu or Debian

If you want to extract some images from a photo cd or dvd you can use transcode. Installation aptitude install transcode Extract the images transcode -x mpeg2 -i VTS_01_1.VOB -y im -F jpg -w 100 The parameters: -F: picture format (jpg, gif, png) -w: quality for jpeg and compression-level Links *

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Captchas for wordpress

During the last days i get a lot of russian spam comments. I decided to add captchas to the comment form on this blog. This works with the very simple SI CAPTCHA for WordPress plugin. I hobe this solve the problem. Update: It works.

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web-based RSS reader

Tiny Tiny RSS ist ein web-based RSS Reader für den eigenen Webspace. Sehr zu empfehlen, besonders wenn man seine Lesegewohnheiten nicht mit Google oder anderen Anbietern teilen möchte … Einfach das Paket von der Webseite herrunterladen, die config.php-dist bearbeiten und als config.php abspeichern. Wichtig sind hier vor allem die Datenbankeinstellungen sowie die Temp. Verzeichnisse, die […]

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Nice overview of different CPUs, RAM and other sockets. I hope it preserves me to order the wrong RAM modules next time. Full size available at deviantart.

What do Programmers Feel About their Software?

A few month ago i blogged about visualizing of source code. Now you can see the visualisation of software comments on You see a graphical repesentation of comments used for private communication between team members. Tomcat for example: You will find ther software projects and images on the website. The software which was used […]


How to install OpenOffice 3.1 on Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope

I have blogged the installation of OpenOffice 3.0 on Ubuntu 8.10 a few months ago. OpenOffice 3.1 or a newer version are not in the Ubuntu 9.04 repository. You will get it with Ubuntu 9.10. You can install Version 3.1 in the same way you installed 3.0 on Ubuntu 8.10. Add the following source to […]

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Gratis Domain-Weltkarte von united-domains – Teil 2

Letzte Woche Mittwoch den 18.03.2009 habe ich bereits über die Domain-Weltkarte von united-domains geschrieben. Am Samstag (21.03.2009) ist sie bei mit eingetroffen und habe das Teil gleich mal dazu genutzt die leere Wand über meinen Schreibtisch zu füllen.


This is the internet !

The create IT Crowd epsiode: Update: Video link fixed ! inspirated Flickr-User iamthechad to build his own internet. You can also buy the IT Crowd Season 1-3 in the internet Box: But protect it with your life and DON’T DROP IT !!!


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