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September, 2013

Linux KVM-Switch with Scroll Lock

For some reason the “Scroll Lock” button doesn’t work in an Xsession in Ubuntu. There is an Bug Report in Lunchpad. My KVM-Switch uses the Scroll Lock Key to switch. You can emulate the key with this command: xset led 3 && sleep 0.2 && xset -led 3 This enables the Scroll Lock and disable […]

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Racktables Extension 0.3.1

Small update of my racktables extension: Fixes and new features: – Fix: Variable Bug with new PHP versions – Fix: Custom Report now saved as UTF-8 char – Fix: Blade locations now complete – Feature: Custiom Report now with type column – Feature: Custiom Report now with container column – Feature: Custiom Report now with […]

Change the Subnet of VMWare Network Interfaces

If you install VMWare Player or Workstation the installer searches free subnets for the host-only network adapters vmnet1 and vmnet8. Sometimes this isn’t compatible with networks at other locations. Like Wifis, VPN connections or the networks at your work place. You can change this subnets if you want. On Linux open “/etc/vmware/networking” and change the […]