Linux KVM-Switch with Scroll Lock

For some reason the “Scroll Lock” button doesn’t work in an Xsession in Ubuntu. There is an Bug Report in Lunchpad.

My KVM-Switch uses the Scroll Lock Key to switch. You can emulate the key with this command:

xset led 3 && sleep 0.2 && xset -led 3

This enables the Scroll Lock and disable it after a short sleep. This simulates a double press of “Scroll Lock”.
Execute it in a Terminal and the KVM-Switch should switch to your other computer.

I created a small script “/usr/bin/”:

xset led 3 && sleep 0.2 && xset -led 3

Now go to Settings, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts and create a custom keyboard shortcut which executes “/usr/bin/”.
I used STRG+Scroll Lock for example. ( You can’t use only “Scroll Lock” as hotkey ! )

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  1. Very helpful, thanks. For some reason on my particular KVM I had to do the above twice, as in

    xset led 3 && sleep 0.2 && xset -led 3 && sleep 0.2 && xset led 3 && sleep 0.2 && xset -led 3

    all on one line.

    The KVM’s on a Raspberry PI, BTW.

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