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July, 2016

Fixing broken Thecus N8800PRO NAS or install Linux on Thecus N8880PRO NAS

A few days ago one of my old Thecus N8800PRO NAS storages stopped working. Instead of throwing it away i decided to take a closer look at it. First i discovered the missing VGA Port on the system. So no way for more debugging. But if open the NAS and take a closer look to […]

Dell OpenManage (OMSA) 8.3 on XenServer 7

First step is to add the Dell OpenManage Repository: wget -q -O – | bash Befor we can start the installer we had to fix the centos repository from the xenserver. Open “/etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo” with your favorite editor and change the baseurl from the [base] section to: baseurl= We have to do this because this […]

Upgrade to Citrix XenServer 6.5 to 7

First Download XenServer Installation ISO and the new Windows Management Console from: Now upgrade your Management Console an reconnect to your XenServer Cluster. Now stop HA and move all VMs from the Master Host to the Slaves. You must start with the Master !! You can get your Master with this command: xe pool-list […]