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Racktables has problems with NDOUtils from Nagios

Small script reads nagios problems from ndo database and set has_problems flag in racktables: Works with plain Nagios and NDOUtils Setup or an Centreon installation. But you have to use the same name of a server in both system ! #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use DBI; # NDO Database Settings my $ndoHost = ‘localhost’; my $ndoUser […]


Nagios Plugin for Racktables

My first “real” plugin for Racktables: Download & Howto here: Racktables Works with Racktables 0.19.xx and 0.20.0


Racktables Extension v0.2

New version available !! Klick here. New version of my Racktables Extension Changes: * IPv6 Support* Support Server chassis (Bladesystems)* Show VM Hypervisor* Support new Racktables plugin system Read here the article of version 0.1. Download [download#16#size#nohits] New version available !! Klick here. Installation Move folder “extensions” into the racktables “wwwroot” folder. With Racktables 0.19.X […]