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Simple Backup Script with logrotate

A simple backup script using logrotate to save multiple backups. I use a NFS storage mounted via autofs as backup location. Database Backup is optional. #!/bin/bash # Backup Target (Network Share mostly via autofs) BACKUP_DIR=”/tmp/foo” # Number of Backups BACKUP_NUM=3 # Directories to backup SOURCE_DIRS=”/var/www /var/log /etc” # Backup savelog -n -l -q -c $BACKUP_NUM […]


Monitoring an Coldfusion server with Cacti

I don’t found a coldfusion template for Cacti so i created one. It uses cfstat. I use Cacti and coldfusion on Debian Linux. First you need a script to call the cfstat command on the coldfusion server: #!/bin/bash # This script call the coldfusion server stat service and format the output for cacti # 2008 […]

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