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Create a Linux or Utility Live Stick

Create Linux Live USB Stick with UNetbootin.

Easy way to test a lot of other linux distributions or play around with some system utilities

You can install the following OS and System utilities with unetbootin.

Operating Systems

* Ubuntu		* Fedora
* Debian		* PCLinux OS
* Linux Mint		* Sabayon Linux
* openSUSE		* Gentoo
* Arch Linux		* MEPIS
* Damn Small Linux	* Zenwalk
* SliTaz		* Slax
* Puppy Linux		* Dreamlinux
* gNewSense		* Elive
* FreeBSD		* CentOD
* NetBSD		* Mandravia
* Frugalware Linux	* xPUD

System utilities

* Parted Magic
* SystemRescueCD
* Super Grub Disk
* Dr. Web Antivirus
* F-Secure Rescue CD
* Kaspersky Rescue Disk
* Backtrack
* Ophcrack
* NTPasswd
* Gujin
* Smart Boot Manager
* FreeDos

1. Installation

aptitude install unetbootin

2. Create Live USB Stick

Open UNetbootin from your start menue:


Select Distribution and Version with the Selectbox on the top. I choose Ubuntu 11.10 for example.


Make sure you have selected the correct USB-Drive at the bottom of the window.


UNetbootin now download the selected Operating System and install it on the Stick.


3. Boot from USB

Unmount the stick and reboot your system. Make sure you are booting from USB-Drive.


Note: UNetbootin is available for Linux, Windows and MacOS !

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