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Otter Browser – Ubuntu

Install Otter Browser ( Beta 1 ) on Ubuntu 14.04. Otter Browser, project aiming to recreate classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5. Now the first Beta is available. There are packages for Debian available on the Download page. ( A Version for Windows is available, too. Note: It ist a Beta-Version. A lot of […]

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Fix broken ext4 partitions

Boot from a live distribution like ubuntu ( fsck.ext4 -cDfty -C 0 /dev/sda Note: Replace “sda” with your harddrive. Explanation: -c check for bad sector check -D optimize directories if possible -f force check -t print timing stats -y assume answer “yes” to all questions -C 0 print progress info to stdout


Notebook Backup to external crypted disk

Here is the documentation, how i making backups of my notebook. I use a external USB harddisk, which is connected to my docking station. On system logon, i check if the external disk is present and mount it. A cronjob starts a backup script, which creates backups with rsync if the backup partition is mounted. […]

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Create a Linux or Utility Live Stick

Create Linux Live USB Stick with UNetbootin. Easy way to test a lot of other linux distributions or play around with some system utilities You can install the following OS and System utilities with unetbootin. Operating Systems * Ubuntu * Fedora * Debian * PCLinux OS * Linux Mint * Sabayon Linux * openSUSE * […]

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Encrypt your USB Stick

Encrypt your USB Stick with cryptsetup or TrueCrypt on Ubuntu. 1. Use cryptsetup 1.1 Install cryptsetup: aptitude install cryptsetup 1.2 Setup cryptsetup volume: Unmount the stick and format it: umount /dev/usb1 cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/usb1 Type “YES” an choose a password. Open the crypt partition: cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/usb1 crypt_USB Create new Filesystem and mount it: mkfs.ext4 […]

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Resize images (folder) with imagemagick (mogrify)

Before upload pictures to my online gallery i want to resize them to a smaller size. I don’t want to open all with a tool or something. I want to run a small script on my netbook without GUI. First install imagemagick: aptitude install imagemagick Now “cd” into the directory with your images and execute: […]

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Puppet Dashboard / Reports – Ubuntu

Puppet reports with “Puppet Dashboard“: Installation: Add the following lines to your “/etc/apt/sources.list” file: deb lucid main deb-src lucid main Run aptitude update to updates your packet list. If you get an “GPG error” because the public key is not available than add the Puppet Labs repository key to APT. (NO_PUBKEY 1054B7A24BD6EC30) run: […]

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Install Tomcat 7 on Debian (Lenny) with virtual hosts and Apache2 integration

Please see new version Tomcat 8 on Debian 7 here ! Dieser Artikel ist eine ├╝berarbeitete Version meines Tomcat 6 Artikels. Es soll Tomcat 7 unter Debian Lenny installiert werden und mit mehreren virtuellen Hosts betrieben werden. Tomcat 7 ist unter Debian leider nicht ├╝ber die Quellen zu beziehen, deshalb muss er manuell installiert werden.This […]

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Monitoring the Nagios process with monit

Monitoring the Nagios process with monit Howto to install monit on Debian or Ubuntu to monitor the nagios process. Installation aptitude install monit Configuration Edit the monit configuration file /etc/monit/monitrc and make the following changes: Generall settings set daemon 120 set logfile syslog facility log_daemon set mailserver localhost set mail-format { from: } set […]

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Adobe Coldfusion 9 – Debian 5.0 Lenny – Ubuntu 9.10 or 10.04

Install Apache2 webserver: aptitude install apache2 Install required libraries: aptitude install libstdc++5 Install coldfusion: Download the coldfusion installation paket (Linux bin-file) from You can use the Trial Edition and upgrade later to the full version by enter the serial number in the administration webinterface Make the downloaded file executeable and run the installer: chmod […]

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