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Install Tomcat 7 on Debian (Lenny) with virtual hosts and Apache2 integration

Please see new version Tomcat 8 on Debian 7 here ! Dieser Artikel ist eine ├╝berarbeitete Version meines Tomcat 6 Artikels. Es soll Tomcat 7 unter Debian Lenny installiert werden und mit mehreren virtuellen Hosts betrieben werden. Tomcat 7 ist unter Debian leider nicht ├╝ber die Quellen zu beziehen, deshalb muss er manuell installiert werden.This […]

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Secure Apache only for other networks

I was ask how to secure an apache 2 webserver, so that the web page is only available for the local network. I need this for an BETA environment and for my Debian Router Project. Here are some simple examples: ( is the LAN you may have to change it) 1. Allow only local network […]

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Create an iCalendar server with debian 5.0 lenny

First you need an working apache2 webserver with mod “dav_fs”. If you want iCal over SSL you need a configurated “mod_ssl” on your apache2 webserver. a2enmod dav_fs Next step is the apache configuration: Insert this in your “virtualhost” configuration. Alias /iCalendar /your/path/to/iCalendar <location /iCalendar> DAV On </location> Now you can create a new calendar with […]

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Secure Apache 2 with mod-security 2 on Debian Lenny

This article describes how to install mod_security2 on Debian Lenny. It should work on Etch, too. On the website there is a link to the mod_security2 pakets for Debian. (Community-Produced Binary packages) Note: You should check this website for the latest versions and change the example “wget” commands in this howto. 1. Download the […]

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Log Apache2 access log into a MySQL database on Debian Lenny

This article describes how you can log your apache access log entries into a MySQL database. You need a installed and configurated Apache2 webserver and MySQL server. Installation: On the webserver: aptitude install libapache2-mod-log-sql-mysql a2enmod unique_id On the database server: Create a new database “apachelogs” and a user for this database. Configurate a virtual host: […]

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Install Tomcat 6 on Debian (Lenny) with virtual hosts and Apache2 integration

This article is a new version of my Apache Tomcat 5.5 article. In this version i descripe the installation of the open bluedragon in a seperate article. This article only describes how to install Apache Tomcat 6 on Debian Lenny, Apache2 integration and virtual hosts. Tocat 6 is not available over the regular sources on […]

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VirtualHosts,OpenBlueDragon with Tomcat 5.5, Apache2 (mod_jk) on Debian Etch

NewAtlanta announced in March, that they will publish an OpenSource version of the BlueDragon ColdFusion server. Integrating OpenBlueDragon into the classic Linux/MySQL environment, will be a real alternative to PHP (LAMP) webservers. This howto describes how you can install OpenBlueDragon with Tomcat 5.5 on Debian Etch. The Tomcat server will be connected with mod_jk with […]

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