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Install Tomcat 6 on Debian (Lenny) with virtual hosts and Apache2 integration

This article is a new version of my Apache Tomcat 5.5 article. In this version i descripe the installation of the open bluedragon in a seperate article. This article only describes how to install Apache Tomcat 6 on Debian Lenny, Apache2 integration and virtual hosts. Tocat 6 is not available over the regular sources on […]

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VirtualHosts,OpenBlueDragon with Tomcat 5.5, Apache2 (mod_jk) on Debian Etch

NewAtlanta announced in March, that they will publish an OpenSource version of the BlueDragon ColdFusion server. Integrating OpenBlueDragon into the classic Linux/MySQL environment, will be a real alternative to PHP (LAMP) webservers. This howto describes how you can install OpenBlueDragon with Tomcat 5.5 on Debian Etch. The Tomcat server will be connected with mod_jk with […]

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