Digital Weather – Part 2 – The connection

This is the second part of the 1-Wire Weather station project. It describes how to connect the 1-Wire system to the PC.

For the connection to the PC i use the 1-Wire USB connector from and a selfmade power injektor for the sensors. The line to the sensor goes into a normal patch panel.

For more informations see the wiring diagram on the bobby boards site. They have great tutorials and documentations on the informationpage. The short description about the connection:

RJ45 Connector:

| 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 |
|                 |

1: Not connected
2: Not connected
3: +5V DC
4: 1-Wire DATA
5: 1-Wire RETURN
6: Power Return
7: Not connected
8: Not connected

The images show the input line from the sensor in the patch panel, the power injektor and the 1-Wire USB connector. I bridged the ports to the next ports to connect other sensors.

I created a 1-Wire Hub with the patch panel but you can connect other sensors on a sensor, too. See the network documentation on the Hobby Boards site for more informations.


                       -> Sensor 1
USB Adapter -> USB HUB -> Sensor 2 -> Sensor 3 -> ...
                       -> Sensor 6 -> Sensor 7 -> Sensor 8 -> ...

In the next part i describe how to read the 1-Wire sensors and graph the informations with cacti.


You can now download the schematic circuit diagram of the Power Injector here: Power Injector (725 Downloads )

You need EAGLE to read the files you can download it from here: EAGLE download (Freeware)

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