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December, 2008

ELV EM 1000 energy meter on debian with cacti

This article describes how you can use the EM 1000 with an EM 1000-WZ energiemeter on debian and log the values with cacti.. First you need the “ftdi_sio” kernel module. You need the “vendor” and “product” ID before you can use the module. lsusb Bus 005 Device 017: ID 0403:e0ef Future Technology Devices International, Ltd […]

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Secure Apache 2 with mod-security 2 on Debian Lenny

This article describes how to install mod_security2 on Debian Lenny. It should work on Etch, too. On the website there is a link to the mod_security2 pakets for Debian. (Community-Produced Binary packages) Note: You should check this website for the latest versions and change the example “wget” commands in this howto. 1. Download the […]

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