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February, 2009

Install Coldfusion 8 Multiserver on Debian 5.0 Lenny with Apache 2

This article describes, how to install Adobe Coldfusion 8 with Multiserver configuration. You can use this configuration for an ISP like coldfusion setup. Each instance/virtual host will have its own Coldfusion administrator with custom settings. 1. Prerequirements: * Apache 2 is installed and running correctly. * libstdc++5 is installed. aptitude install libstdc++5 * You have […]

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Create an iCalendar server with debian 5.0 lenny

First you need an working apache2 webserver with mod “dav_fs”. If you want iCal over SSL you need a configurated “mod_ssl” on your apache2 webserver. a2enmod dav_fs Next step is the apache configuration: Insert this in your “virtualhost” configuration. Alias /iCalendar /your/path/to/iCalendar <location /iCalendar> DAV On </location> Now you can create a new calendar with […]

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New blog layout

Today i thought my website need a new layout. It is a small modified version of “Auroral Theme“. I think i need some new useless addons for wordpress … 🙂 Update: I see a lot of translation referer in my Blogstats. I wrote most of my Blog entries in english and german. You can now […]

Greylisting with sqlgrey, postfix and mysql on Debian Lenny

This article describes howto setup sqlgrey with postfix and mysql on Debian Lenny. The normal graylisting with postgrey store the whitelist in a berkeley database which needs to be replicated on a mailserver cluster. With sqlgrey you can do that replication with a mysql database. First create a Database “sqlgrey” with an user “sqlgrey” on […]

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Authenticate ejabberd with an mysql database

This is a small script to authenticate Jabber users with an external MySQL database. You can free define table and columns for username and password in the settings part of the script. The password should be stored with the ENCRYPT() function in the database. First edit the Jabber configuration file (\etc\ejabberd\ejabberd.conf) and change the authentication […]

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