Racktables Extension v0.3

Racktables Extension v0.3

New version of my Racktables ExtensionNeue Version meiner Racktables Erweiterung.

More Details here:Mehr Informationen hier: http://www.mogilowski.net/projects/racktables

Custom Report:

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  1. I have a problem reading the path.

    My directory structure is c:\www\racktables\extensions\

    The server is publishing as http://servername/racktables

    How does the extension.php plugin path need to be set?

    require_once “../racktables/extensions/reports/server-report.php”;

    Does not appear to be read at all.

    1. The above is for version 0.20.1. When I used the local.php in version 0.19.13 it works fine. When trying to switch over to the plugins scheme in 0.20.1 the reports do not load.

  2. Got the reports working in about 5 minutes on Racktables 0.19.10. Works like a charm. We are very pleased with where this extension is functionally, especially the custom-report. Looking forward to watching this improve even further.

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