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Racktables Extension 0.3.3

Update of my racktables extension: Fixes and new features: – Fix: Fixes Bug in custom report for Racks, Rows and Locations – Fix: Changed directory structure – Feature: Added variable CSV Delimiter Tested with Racktables 0.20.10 Version 0.3.3: Racktables Extension (Version 0.3.3) (502.1 kB) Current Version Attension: New installation procedure with version 0.3.3 Move all […]

Simple Backup Script with logrotate

A simple backup script using logrotate to save multiple backups. I use a NFS storage mounted via autofs as backup location. Database Backup is optional. #!/bin/bash # Backup Target (Network Share mostly via autofs) BACKUP_DIR=”/tmp/foo” # Number of Backups BACKUP_NUM=3 # Directories to backup SOURCE_DIRS=”/var/www /var/log /etc” # Backup savelog -n -l -q -c $BACKUP_NUM […]


Happy SysAdmin Day! 2015

July 31, 2015 – 16th Annual System Administrator Appreciation Day

Backup VMs on Citrix XenServer

Hi, i published my backup solution for VMs running on a Citrix XenServer Host or Pool at GitHub. It creates snapshots of all VMs running and download it to your backup location. You need the Python XenAPI which is available here: (SDK) If you want to monitor your backups take a look […]

Error when reading from SSL socket connection – Dell iDRAC 5 PE2900/PE1900

If you try to connect with java-6-openjdk or java-7-openjdk to an iDrac5 you probably get this message: Error when reading from SSL socket connection The iDrac 5 ( PE 1900, PE 2900, … ) uses SSLv3 which is disabled in Java-6 and Java-7. Just edit /etc/java-6-openjdk/security/ or for Java 7 /etc/java-7-openjdk/security/ and comment out this […]

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Install Graylog 2 with Puppet

1. Informations Graylog is a very good syslog server for Linux. It collecting, indexing, and analyzing a lot of data and can send notifications via mail. Note:I only tested this installation on Debian ! 2. Extra modules First you need some extra modules puppet module install elasticsearch-elasticsearch puppet module install puppetlabs-mongodb puppet module install […]

Dell OpenManage (OMSA) 7.4 on XenServer 6.5

Updated version !! Prerequirements You may need to disable the Citrix Yum Repository. Open “/etc/yum.repos.d/Citrix.repo” and change “enabled=1” to “enabled=0”. More informations about the packages are available here: 1. Install required packages yum –enablerepo=base –enablerepo=updates –disablerepo=citrix install glibc.i686 yum –enablerepo=base –disablerepo=citrix install zlib.i386 yum –enablerepo=base –disablerepo=citrix install libxml2.i386 yum –enablerepo=base –disablerepo=citrix install libxslt.i386 yum […]

Upgrading XenServer 6.2 to 6.5 with Dell Equilogic iSCSI LUNs

The Dell Equilogic only expose a single iSCSI target and one IQN, through one IP address. With default configurations of XenServer, it is not possible to establish multiple iSCSI connections if the storage array exposes only a single iSCSI target, and a single IQN, through a single IP address. By default, XenServer establishes only one […]

Dell Equilogic iSCSI with XenServer 6.2

I using an Dell Equilogic PSM4110 Storage (Bladesystem) that only expose a single iSCSI target and one IQN, through one IP address. With default configurations of XenServer, it is not possible to establish multiple iSCSI connections with this kind of storage system. XenServer establishes only one connection per iSCSI target. The recommendation is to use […]

Disabling SSLv3 for POODLE on Debian

Test and fix SSLv3 on Debian. Test for SSLv3 First test if your SSL will allow SSLv3. openssl s_client -connect YOUR_URL_OR_IP:443 -ssl3 if the answer is something like: routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure Everything is fine and SSLv3 is not available. If your Server sends a correct handshake then you have to disable it ! Apache […]

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