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Racktables Extension v0.3

New version of my Racktables Extension

More Details here:

Custom Report:

3 thoughts on “Racktables Extension v0.3

  • Chuck says:

    I have a problem reading the path.

    My directory structure is c:\www\racktables\extensions\

    The server is publishing as http://servername/racktables

    How does the extension.php plugin path need to be set?

    require_once “../racktables/extensions/reports/server-report.php”;

    Does not appear to be read at all.

    • Chuck says:

      The above is for version 0.20.1. When I used the local.php in version 0.19.13 it works fine. When trying to switch over to the plugins scheme in 0.20.1 the reports do not load.

  • Matthew Castanien says:

    Got the reports working in about 5 minutes on Racktables 0.19.10. Works like a charm. We are very pleased with where this extension is functionally, especially the custom-report. Looking forward to watching this improve even further.

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