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ELV EM 1000 energy meter on debian with cacti

This article describes how you can use the EM 1000 with an EM 1000-WZ energiemeter on debian and log the values with cacti.. First you need the “ftdi_sio” kernel module. You need the “vendor” and “product” ID before you can use the module. lsusb Bus 005 Device 017: ID 0403:e0ef Future Technology Devices International, Ltd […]

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APC UPS on Debian Etch

This article describes, how you can monitor a APC UPS unit on Debian Etch. 1. Install apcupsd aptitude install apcupsd 2. Configuration vim /etc/apcupsd/apcupsd.conf If you connect the server to the UPS unit with an USB cable use: # USB configuration UPSCABLE usb UPSTYPE usb If you connect the server over ethernet use this configuration: […]

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Digital Weather – Part 2 – The connection

This is the second part of the 1-Wire Weather station project. It describes how to connect the 1-Wire system to the PC. For the connection to the PC i use the 1-Wire USB connector from and a selfmade power injektor for the sensors. The line to the sensor goes into a normal patch panel. […]

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Monitoring an Coldfusion server with Cacti

I don’t found a coldfusion template for Cacti so i created one. It uses cfstat. I use Cacti and coldfusion on Debian Linux. First you need a script to call the cfstat command on the coldfusion server: #!/bin/bash # This script call the coldfusion server stat service and format the output for cacti # 2008 […]

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