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June, 2009

There, I Fixed It

Hm i need more duct tape … More on PS: This is a special entry for my friend with the hot glue gun.


What do Programmers Feel About their Software?

A few month ago i blogged about visualizing of source code. Now you can see the visualisation of software comments on You see a graphical repesentation of comments used for private communication between team members. Tomcat for example: You will find ther software projects and images on the website. The software which was used […]


Servermanagement with puppet – Part 1

The Environment: Hosts: puppetmaster: The puppetmaster pc1: The first testclient pc2: The second testclient Domain: domain.local Note: I used Ubuntu 9.04 in all servers. Puppetmaster installation aptitude install puppetmaster Activate fileserver for the local network (”/etc/puppet/fileserver.conf”): [files] path /etc/puppet/files allow *.domain.local [plugins] path /etc/puppet/files allow *.domain.local Note:You can allow a subnet, too. (”allow”). Edit […]

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