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Digital Weather – Part 1 – The sensor

To replace my old weatherstation, i orders some one-wire components from A very popular one-wire sensor is the DS1820 temperature sensor. This sensor is on my sensor kit from hobby-boars, too. After building the sensor kit (Humidity/Temp/Solar Kit), i needed a good place for it outside. The sensor is placed in a case from hobbyboards. But i wanted some extra protection.

This small case is placed on the south-east side of my house an 1,5 m over the ground. The roof of the house prevent it from direct rain.

The sensor kit is connected over a default RJ-45 networkcable.

See the other side of the wire in part two …

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One thought on “Digital Weather – Part 1 – The sensor

  • torro says:


    ich habe etwas aehnliches aufgebaut, allerdings mir die Module vom Shop dafuer geholt. Da gibts auch Xbee und wohl demnaechst ein 1-Wire LAN Modul – da werde ich wohl auch nochmal etwas umbauen.

    Gruss Torro

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